Welcome to the Perhaps Today site, your online resource into the Bible sermons of author Daniel T. Adams. This is the online community where we leave everything behind except for the unchanging, inerrant Word of God. The Bible is our focus. Intently studying it is our aim.

The Perhaps Today concept is one that looks beyond the trials of life and rather, looks to the hope that we have as believers in Jesus Christ. It is a forward run with the finish line as the focus; an attitude of the end game rather than life’s trials. And how can we have such an attitude? Because we know that when we hold the Bible in our hands, we are actually holding the very heart of God.

Journey with us as we not only study God’s Word, but also explore how to tangibly apply it our lives. Perhaps today is the day that we cry out to Jesus to save us. Perhaps today is the day that we seek repentance. Perhaps today is the day we get to see the Lord of Lords face-to-face. Perhaps Today!

Don't Walk This Journey Alone.

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